Wrestling embraces sodomy

Hardcore man on man sex in the ring is to allowed under new World Wrestling Entertainment rules.

‘It’s a pretence too far,’ a WWE spokeswoman said, ‘to have two men in underpants rolling around on top of each other, grunting and straining, but never allowed to go all the way to climax. No wonder these guys are so aggressive.’

Sexual congress will not be compulsory but it will be a manoeuvre a wrestler may employ to make his opponent lie down – but not on his back – for ten minutes.

Ten seconds would not be a real test, the spokeswoman explained.

But some fans  are concerned that the openly romantic nature of the bouts will mean the sport will lose its competitive edge.

‘Not at all,’ said the WWE spokeswoman. ‘Just imagine how much more intense a John Cena and Triple H grudge match will be if Cena’s pissed off because H didn’t phone him the next day’.

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