Binge drinkers react angrily to increased cost of Binge

The government is proposing to introduce a minimum price of 40 pence per unit of the popular alcoholic beverage Binge in an attempt to encourage responsible drinking.

Binge drinking, now said to be out of control in the UK, began to grow in the seventies with the advent of supermarket licensing and the launch of Tinge, which was simply Binge in a can.

“Binge has always been a focus of working class life, and we think this is a step backwards,” said Bing Edwards, who gave his name to the drink. “Yes it will make Binge drinking more expensive, but really it’s just another tax on the poor.”

Michael Smith, an itinerant Binge drinker currently spending most of his time in Peckham, commented on the government’s plans by dropping his trousers and showing reporters his genitals.

Others have been equally frank, but less explicit in their reaction, though the majority have come together in silent protests lying face-down in the streets.

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