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Price of stamps set to increase to encourage even more people not to use them

Ofcom has announced caps on the price of stamps will be withdrawn so the struggling Royal Mail will be able to charge even more for their increasingly unpopular services as they aim to return the business to profit.

‘Changes needed to be made as more and more people were switching to text messages, emails and online messaging, posing a serious risk to the UK’s postal service,’ said Ofcom’s Stuart Macintosh, who is confident incentivising the few customers who still use the service to look elsewhere is the answer to the problem.

‘No other carrier can match Royal Mail’s record of losing or damaging items sent in the post, so we are confident that people will be happy to pay a little more rather than turning to a courier with a proven capability of delivering a parcel to the correct address, not smashed into hundreds of pieces.’

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Posted: Mar 28th, 2012 by Vertically Challenged Giant

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