Government, Media charged with ‘Anti-Roguism’

With another senseless massacre in Afghanistan being blamed on a ‘rogue soldier’, the rogue community has stepped up its campaign against the vilification of rogues, staging a protest march from Trafalgar Square to Westminster.

Once seen as ‘lovable’, rogues are now being portrayed as the root cause of society’s ills, and according to the League of Rogues, the Coalition and media are fuelling rogue-hatred to distract the public from systemic failure.

‘Whenever corporate culture gets out of hand, it’s the rogues that get blamed,’ said rogue trader Paul Henderson. ‘I’m a trader, first and foremost, and, when things are going well, that’s how my colleagues treat me. But when things go off the rails everyone brings up the fact that I am a rogue.’

As well as rogue traders, the march brought together rogue reporters, rogue policemen, rogue soldiers and rogue priests. Authorities report it was largely trouble-free, although arrests of a few rogue rogues were made.

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