Herd of 200 Routemaster buses on South Downs ‘should not be approached’

It is being reported that around 200 Routemaster buses are congregating outside Ditchling, in the South Downs National Park, with local police warning people to avoid the area unless absolutely necessary.

Usually found in urban areas, Routemaster buses are fairly placid in their interactions with humans but are known to be particularly wary of ramblers and have a fear of whistles.

Experts think the herd drifted off course while looking for food and warn it could stampede if threatened, destroying everything in its path.

A specialist team is travelling to the area and will attempt to encourage the group to move on naturally. However if panic breaks out there may be no alternative but to direct the stampeding buses straight over Beachy Head ‘like a herd of giant metal lemmings’.


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