Isle of Wight residents run in fear at sight of man in electric wheelchair

Isle of Wight residents were gripped with panic yesterday after some kind of ‘slow-magic-sitting-demon’ invaded from the mainland and attempted to board a train.

The electrified man-machine contraption was first spotted at Ryde Pier ticket desk, where it bought a travel pass, apparently oblivious to the fear and chaos it was causing.

A quick-witted conductor, who has been praised as a local hero, leapt in and tried to stop the ‘humming behemoth’, first by denying access to the loading ramp, and later by aiming for its legs with a branch in order to weaken it.

Many eye witnesses said they thought it was Davros, creator of the Daleks, from the popular weekly TV show starring William Hartnell, and were running around in panic looking for a sofa to hide behind.

The modest conductor, who declined to give his name, said that he only did what he was trained to do in these situations, but admitted his own fear of the wheeled creature. ‘Quite frankly, it was the scariest thing I’ve seen since 1997, when a black man got off the ferry at Yarmouth.’

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