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Local man who saw only one film last year now pretty sure it was the wrong one

Despite a very specifically worded article in the South Devon Herald advising him that if he only saw one film that year, it should be Super 8 by J. J. Abrams, local pipe salesman, George Lawrence, is now not so sure he made the right choice.

His suspicions, which were first raised upon considering the film as ‘not all that’, were later confirmed when the picture failed to pick up a single award at last month’s Oscars.

‘I just couldn’t understand it,’ said a visibly disillusioned Mr Lawrence. ‘The reviewer seemed so certain and even cited hard data to back up his assertion, such as it being ‘the most talked-about film of the year’ with suspense that ‘arrived in bucket-loads’.’

‘As a man who only sees one film a year, objective statistics like these are vital,’ he continued. ‘But as it turns out, the one film I should have seen last year was The Artist, by Michel Hazanavicius. I’m glad I didn’t though - looked like a load of old shit if you ask me.’

Mr Target

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Posted: Apr 3rd, 2012 by Guest

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