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Special Forces unit drafted in to cover for striking call-centre staff

An elite SAS battalion has been deployed to cover for striking customer support staff at Dyson’s Derbyshire call centre.

The unit, which is airdropped into a distant field every morning before gradually crawling its way towards the office and entering through a ground-floor window at 08:00hrs, is performing well. Head of Customer Experience, Rajit Singh, is delighted.

‘One lady has already written in to express her thanks following a call she made to order a new stair brush thing,’ said Singh.

‘And, as you’d expect, they really go beyond the call of duty. Not only was the part delivered the next day, but she now knows how to dismantle and reassemble her DC33 Multi-Floor Upright, in the dark, in under two minutes.’


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Posted: Apr 5th, 2012 by Guest

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