Doctors recommend display ban on Daily Mail

The British Medical Association has submitted a recommendation to the government that calls for a ban on the Daily Mail being displayed openly in supermarkets and newsagents.

BMA’s Chairman of Council, Dr Hamish Meldrum, says the damaging effects of the newspaper are well documented. ‘We know that the average copy contains hundreds of highly toxic opinions and is responsible for spreading a potentially deadly cocktail of ignorance and misinformation; their long-running MMR/autism scare-campaign being just one example.’

If enacted, the measures would also see the paper’s front page headlines replaced with warnings, such as ‘THE DAILY MAIL HARMS YOU AND OTHERS AROUND YOU’ and ‘DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN READ YOUR DAILY MAIL’.

Dr Meldrum was also keen to stress the devastating second-hand effects. ‘They can be horrific. Anyone who’s spent more than five minutes in conversation with a regular Daily Mail ‘user’ will be able to vouch for that.’

‘We should say though,’ he continued, ‘there’s absolutely no evidence that the Daily Mail gives you cancer. In fact, that’s probably the only good thing you can say about it.’

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