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Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown sells at Dundee car boot sale for £1.50

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was sold at a Dundee car boot sale on Sunday for a knock-down price of £1.50. Vendors Eric and Maureen Anderson, who were manning their stall at the Errol airfield site, said they were having a de-clutter and felt that it was the right time to let the former Labour leader go to a new home.

‘It’s amazing what rubbish you accumulate in your home,’ said Mrs Anderson. ‘The Gordon, as we call him, has been moping around the house for some time now so we thought we’d try to get a few bob for him along with the carpet offcuts that have been in the attic for years and that horrendous vase that Great Aunt Mary gave us for our wedding.’

‘I suppose it must be almost two years since we came by The Gordon,’ recalled Mrs Anderson. ‘He knocked on the door one evening mumbling something incoherent about losing his fiscal stimulus. We offered him a cup of tea and sympathy and the next thing he had moved in with what he called some ‘anti-boom-and-bust policy initiatives’ and a good deal of baggage. Of course, the policies were soon ditched but the baggage remains. He carried it around with him from room to room like a lost soul.’

‘At first, it was quite a novelty having our own Gordon, and, if we had friends around for dinner, we would trot him out towards the end of the evening guaranteeing that guests would never outstay their welcome. But while it’s quite fun to see a real Prime Minister doing his stuff in your living room, there is no off button for when they start waffling on about how they never got the recognition they deserved for saving the global economy. And the man’s shocking language when ranting about his predecessor wouldn’t even meet the 11 o’clock watershed, let alone the nine o’clock one.’

In the end, the Andersons were happy to see their Gordon go for £1.50. ‘After all,’ admitted Mr Anderson, ‘he was rather a sad sight sitting there under the wallpaper pasting table. And he needed new batteries.’

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Posted: Apr 8th, 2012 by Stan

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