Allowing workers to sleep at night ‘costs UK economy £560bn’

Business think tank HYPNOS has revealed the true cost of allowing workers to avoid work through sleeping every night, by as much as 2,800 hours every year per worker.

Many such workers are public sector employees and it is thought that the savings to the taxpayer of a new 24/7 approach to the working week would be over £200bn every year.  ‘It is scandalous that during these hard times that workers think that they can still hide behind the EU red tape and health and safety of the human rights act,’ HYPNOS spokesman Mari Chordette declared, “especially when the UK needs to be finding that competitive edge. If factory workers in China work 20 hours a day then why should we not compete with a 24 hour day? Sleep is a luxury that only some members of society should be able to afford.’

Trade Union the N.A.P. were unavailable for comment due to bank holiday office closure, but previous responses to similar findings counter by claiming that its members only sleep at opportune times which make no difference to performance or productivity, such as driving tube trains, during conference addresses by Ed Milliband, or after particularly heavy lunches.

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