Oxford University rowers to embark on ‘memorial cruise’ up the Thames

Members of the Oxford University boat race team that ‘sunk’ to defeat have announced they are to go on a cruise that retraces the route of their fateful voyage.

Starting near Putney Bridge, the chartered cruise will see them follow the four mile course, including the point where they tragically missed hitting a man wearing the finest swimwear, protesting about ‘elitism’. The proletarian named Trenton Oldfield has confirmed he will not be taking part in the memorial, as it collides with a ‘legal’ fox hunt he is attending on his father’s land in Gloucestershire.

‘This cruise will give us the chance to re-live that fateful afternoon, whilst also enjoying food from the exact same menu from first-class aboard the Titanic’ Dr. Hanno Wienhausen, who was part of the original voyage, told us. ‘We shall then stop just past Chiswick Steps for a service to mark the moment our hopes of winning died.’

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