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Harrogate man dies in Britain’s worst ever Tupperware Landslide

A Grandfather from Harrogate has become the first Briton to die as a result of a Tupperware landslide. Ron Stevens, 63, was buried alive without warning by a 17ft high pile of plastic on Sunday afternoon. His wife, Jean, said ‘he popped into the kitchen pantry to get a small pot for a half portion of leftover cauliflower cheese. I heard some grunting noises and a little swearing, then came this awful rumbling sound. I turned around and Ron had disappeared under an assortment of rotary cheese graters, funnels and old takeaway containers that I kept just in case. On the plus side, I did find that Party Susan I’d been looking for since 1983′.

Ron is due to be reburied in a more conventional manner next Tuesday, assuming someone can find a matching lid for the coffin.

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Posted: Apr 11th, 2012 by seymour totti

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