Home Secretary backs US extradition demand for KFC napkin thief

stopped before he could hack into secret recipe of eleven different herbs and spices

A man who stole paper napkins from a branch of KFC in Tipton is to be extradited to the US to face criminal charges and could face up to forty years in solitary confinement, warned Home Secretary Theresa May. US prosecutors say the man was part of a ruthless gang from the West Midlands who routinely stole surplus napkins from the Tipton eatery ‘and had a complete disregard for the sticky fingers of other KFC diners’.

It is alleged the gang would order a KFC meal, usually a Bargain Bucket with an extra side of fries or a Tango orange and then wait until the waitress had turned her back before stuffing their pockets full of napkins and then making their escape on foot through the front door.

The gang would then post videos of their criminal activity on specialist hard-core websites that glorified in the taking of extra paper napkins and those little sachets of red or brown sauce. Although the napkin crime was committed here in the UK the US courts argued that the website was actually run through an ISP based in Connecticut and so contravened US law.

They also claimed the fact the gang had targeted a branch of the popular US fast food giant and not the Cheesy Chippy next door proved it was a flagrant terrorist attack on US sovereignty and any trial should be held on US soil. Calls for the government to try the defendants in Britain were rejected by the Home Office who did not wish to risk causing any offence to the American based fast food outlet.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the man claim he is suffering from mental health issues pointing to the fact that he not only lives in Tipton but regularly eats a KFC with extra fries and is a season ticket holder down at Molineux. US prosecutors have thirty days in which to appeal but have already conceded the mental health issue may prove to be one obstacle too far.

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