Launch failure sees many question North Korea’s dedication to cause

North Korea has reacted apologetically to the rest of the world after its recent rocket testing failed to launch.
’This has never happened before’ Kim Jong-Un reticently stated to gathered state controlled media outlets. ‘We managed to get it up for a few, all to brief, seconds but staying focused wasn’t possible’. The leader then mumbled something about having a lot on his mind recently, issues at work, and somthing to do with a spate of headaches and upset tummies affecting the rocket scientist community these last weeks.

Some countries have suggested that North Korea’s ability to bring fear and instability to the far east has not been there for some time now ‘Maybe their hearts not really in it anymore’ sighed South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak, ‘But I’m prepared to give our realtionship of inease, anxiety and mistrust another chance’.

However Chinese delegates think that this might just be a blip on the path to world destruction. An envoy has been sent to Pyongyang with a special Hallmark ‘We still tremble before your mighty nation, really we do’ card signed from the entire People’s Republic and a small pouch of ground tiger penis which, when enriched with uranium, should make North Korea’s military equipment feel that bit more pepped.

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