‘Devastating stroke turned me into Deputy Prime Minister’, says Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has spoken out about suffering a ‘terrible stroke’ two years ago, which confounded electoral experts by propelling him to power.

In an interview for the moving BBC4 documentary ‘I Woke Up With Dave’, Clegg described how his political personality was ‘utterly transformed’ by an unfortunate accident.

He said: ‘I was with some other Liberal Democrat MPs near Westminster, when I fell down a grass bank and completely conked out. When I woke up, I was being asked to help form a Government.

“It was definitely the stroke that did it. Before, I’d been part of a small, cuddly political party with no hope of ever achieving anything, but minutes later, I was sacrificing my principles, credibility and the long-term viability of my party for a brief dose of power and a slightly snazzier CV.’

Medical experts say there is little to no chance that Mr Clegg will ever recover from the devastating after-effects of the stroke. ‘I just don’t recognise myself in these photographs which show everybody agreeing with me,’ Clegg said. ‘Now look at me – the left side of my party is completely paralysed, I’m unable to communicate effectively, and worst of all I’ve completely lost the use of my spine.’

Mr Clegg’s full-time carer, David Cameron, said: ‘I agree with Nick.’


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