Norfolk man traces family tree all the way back to his sister

A man from Norfolk has spoken of his ‘delight’ after managing to trace his family tree back many generations all the way to to his sister, Richard.

James Gait, 62, from Holt in Norfolk said that much of the information had been garnered through questioning living relations, but went on to explain that this had not been as difficult a process as he had feared.

‘Others would have to question their father, mother, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles etc in many separate interviews,’ he said. ‘I just had to ask my sister and uncle Derek and that just about covered the lot of them.’

Mr Gait did however have to spend much time in the local library to track down one particularly hard to find relative: his great uncle on his mother’s side of the, rather slender, family tree.

‘That was quite funny really. I spent many, many hours staring at Microfiche in the library but it turned out, in the end, that all I actually needed to do was look in a mirror.’


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