Online football debate ended after fan punctuates opinion with ‘End of.’

A discussion in an online football forum, about whether so called ‘big teams’ benefit from more favourable refereeing decisions, came to an abrupt end today after a dialectical masterstroke that many are hailing as a breakthrough in conflict resolution.

The debate, fuelled by controversy in recent matches, had been raging for several weeks with proponents and critics of the original assertion expressing opinion and counter-opinion.  However, both sides were left with no comeback when maverick newbie, LFC4eva, punctuated his ‘Man U gt mor pens cuz refs r biased innit.’ post with ‘End of.’

Forum regular, Howdoyousay19titlesinscouse, is one of many posters who were left stumped.  ‘I was claiming that decisions tend to even themselves out over time and that teams like United, City and Chelsea get more penalties purely because, statistically, they spend more time in the other side’s area.’ he said.

‘But then this guy stated I was wrong and followed it up with ‘End of.’… so I, well, I guess that’s the end of it. After all, saying ‘end of’ wins any argument. FACT.’

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