Digital marketer lauds Shakespeare’s ‘compelling content’

Tim Crowley, one of Britain’s leading digital marketing executives, has marked Shakespeare’s birthday by hailing the Bard as our greatest ever producer of ‘compelling content’.

Crowley, CEO of Zeitgeist Digital, feels that he and the bard are kindred spirits. ‘I’ve no doubt that if Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be working as a copywriter in my agency; excelling at engaging the public in dialogues with leading brands.’

He does feel, however, that the literary great’s writing could benefit from some target market insight and one or two rounds of amends.

‘Sure, Shakespeare wrote compelling content, but he had a thing or two to learn about optimising engagement with search engines. But once his copy had been passed through a committee and empowered by track changes based on demographic segmentation analysis, that could be rectified.’ said Crowley.

‘I heard he was a sensitive sort though so you’d obviously have to sweeten the pill by saying something like: ‘Hey, Will. Loving your ‘Romeo and Juliet’ landing page for the email. We’ve had a few minor amends come back though so if you could just take a look and approve those that’d be great. We really need to get this wrapped up by EOP.”

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