Utter bell-end visits local Starbucks just to give barista fake name

Weeks after Starbucks began its faux-friendly ‘Names on Cups’ campaign, tiresome prick, Dave Henderson, finally got round to pestering staff at his local outlet, who have absolutely no say whatsoever on corporate policy, with a twattish fake name yesterday.

Despite never normally visiting Starbucks, Johnny-come-lately prankster, Henderson, decided to carry out the practical joke after reading suggestions for funny names in the comments of a friend’s status update on the subject.

However, his plan to subvert ‘big coffee’ and reduce customers to helpless laughter was nearly thwarted when he found the establishment almost empty, forcing the annoying little shit to loiter outside for several minutes until a significant ‘drink-in’ clientele had built up.

In spite of serving hundreds of similar sniggering dickheads since the promotion started in March, long-suffering staff at the coffee chain praised Dave’s effort, noting how few customers were self-aware enough to call themselves ‘Warwick Hunt’.

Mr Target

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