Alleged ‘sex video’ replay makes it look worse than it was, says Terry

After reviewing video evidence which appears to show a sexual liaison between John Terry and a woman who is not his wife or official mistress Mr Terry has admitted that it doesn’t look good, but insisted that it was completely accidental and that ‘her run took her into me’.

‘Having now seen the replay and I can understand why people would think it looks like it is intentional. What happened, however, was series of unfortunate coincidences. First of all, I had strained my groin earlier that day, causing blood to rush to the general area leading to what medical science calls a tumescence. Incredibly painful and it simply wouldn’t go away.’

‘After training I was walking home with a close friend, the woman in the video, when it began to rain. We rushed home, and had to take our wet clothes off right away – sitting around in damp clothes is a good way to get sick; I’m a professional footballer, I can’t get a cold right now. We were both tremendously embarrassed so I covered my eyes as she ran to get a towel. She checked her run which caused me to go up the back of her. Complete accident.’

After questioning why he didn’t pull back immediately Terry responded, ‘Back spasm. An old injury flared up causing me to jerk my spine backwards and forwards, gradually gaining momentum over time. It’s dangerous not to let this play out completely which is why she is asking me not to stop. She is just concerned for my health. Eventually I settle on a position which she knows is good for my back, which explains why she screamed, ‘Right there. Right fucking there.’ It was completely innocent.’

Chelsea team-mate Frank Lampard defended Terry; ‘Myself and the rest of the team are standing right behind John. As you can see when Ashley pans the camera round at the end.’


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