Ed Miliband calls for his own resignation

In a widely unforeseen move during Prime Minister’s Questions today, Ed Miliband rounded on David Cameron and demanded that the Opposition leader do the decent thing and resign.

‘For too long I have seen myself dithering and flip-flopping on the major issues of the day,’ said Miliband. ‘When is the leader of the Opposition going to take responsibility for this mess?’

It is believed that the Labour leader may have got confused about whose resignation he was due to call for today, after he also insisted ‘that, as a matter of principle, Jeremy Hunt, Theresa May, George Osborne, Ozzy Osborne, the next England football manager and the Queen should also be considering their positions’.

‘I have received a lot of support from my party on the matter of my resignation,’ Miliband continued over cheers from both sides of the Commons. ‘Especially from my brother David.’

Speaking later the Prime Minister told reporters, ‘I sincerely hope Ed can survive these calls for his resignation. He is doing an excellent job.’

Scronnyglonkle (hat-tip to Vertically Challenged Giant)

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