Fearne Cotton’s record collection goes online

The record collection of legendary disc jockey Fearne Cotton is now available for fans to peruse online. Uploaded by ‘The Void’, an Arts Council funded pop-up site, from today music fans will be able to browse Cotton’s overwhelming collection of over seven records.

‘There’ll be information about all the records, including whether or not Fearne rated the album,’ explained a spokesman. ‘Cotton famously employed a meticulous 5-star rating system for her music, and every item in the collection was awarded the full 5 stars. Albums are accompanied by Fearne’s additional superlatives such as ‘mega’, ‘massive’, ‘most awesomest ever’, ‘cool’ and ‘really, really cool’.’

The virtual museum includes such rare curiosities as a first pressing of Mis-Teeq’s 2004 hit ‘Scandalous’, a Foo Fighters greatest hits compilation, and some stuff by The Kooks. It’s not all obscurities though, as the trend-setting DJ also found room for plenty of U2 and Coldplay.

The electronic archive also features Cotton’s hand-written notes for her searching interviews with celebrities on her ITV2 show. They include hard-hitting, penetrative questions such as ‘How many shoes do you own?’, ‘What’s it like being so famous?’ and ‘Can I touch your hair?’


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