Psychic offended by joke that hasn’t been written yet

Celebrity psychic Derek Acorah has called on Jimmy Carr to apologise for the ‘needless and hurtful’ joke he is going to make at the Derby Assembly Rooms in early 2013.

Carr, who has not yet written the joke, has so far refused. ‘How can I be asked to apologise for something I haven’t done yet? It’s like a scene from Terminator 2.’

Having never written material directly aimed at Acorah, Carr is now working on a number of jokes that belittle his celebrity status and his claims to hear voices of the dead. ‘If it was bad enough to make him complain to the papers months in advance,’ said Carr, ‘I can’t wait to write it. It’s gonna be a corker.’

It has now been suggested to Acorah that Carr had no plans to make any jokes about him, but that his advance complaint has now created a self-fulfilling prophecy which will lead to Acorah being mocked up and down the country during Carr’s forthcoming tour. Acorah has admitted that he ‘didn’t see that one coming’.

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