Munch’s lesser-known ‘The Mutter Under the Breath’ sells at auction for £17.25

After living in the shade of the more-renowned ‘The Scream’, Edvard Munch’s sister painting ‘The Mutter Under the Breath’ finally sold at auction in London this week for £17.25.

‘Munch had a great understanding of the differing emotional states of European nations,’ said art historian Maxwell Hislop. ”The Scream’ depicts clearly the reaction that comes when someone realises they are from Belgium and that the only high point in their life is having mayonnaise on their chips. By comparison, ‘The Mutter under the Breath’ is firmly aimed at British sensibilities and the repression of emotion and passive-aggressive expression.’

The painting first appeared as part of an exhibition in Greenwich in 1896. It was generally well received by those in attendance, though many of the British audience were rumoured to have remarked quietly afterwards that they ‘couldn’t see the point of it’.

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