World’s longest-married couple ‘only together for the sake of the kids’

Have shared interests such as mutual hatred

Jack and Winnie Sandford got married in 1933 and have been together 77 years, longer than anyone else on earth, but according to 98-year-old Jack it is a living hell. ‘Every morning I wake up and wish I was dead. Or better still she was.’

‘We are staying together for the sake of the kids,’ said Winnie, 96. ‘It would destroy them if we were to break up. If it weren’t for them I would have left years ago. I am not an unattractive woman. I have had offers in the past, and I see how the man at the mobility shop looks at me, but I have to put my children first.’

However, their children, who both still live at home disagree. Their eldest son, Howard, 76 says: ‘I wish they would split up. We hate hearing them argue. It’s not so bad for me, but my little sister Emily gets really upset by it.’

Emily, 72, continues: ‘Howard is older than me and goes out with his friends quite a lot so isn’t around as much. When it gets really bad I just go to my room and turn the wireless up loud to try and drown out the sound of them shouting and swearing at each other.’

But Jack is adamant that he and Winnie are going to stick it out. ‘We have heard that children from broken homes are more likely to end up becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour. We don’t want that for our children,’ he says. ‘They deserve a future.’

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