Cameron throws bucket of wee over Nick Robinson from top floor window of No. 10

The Prime Minister was today in further trouble after attempting to shoo Nick Robinson, the BBC Political editor, away from Downing Street by throwing a bucketful of urine at him from the top floor window of Noumber 10 while Robinson was reporting to camera in the street below.

As he was reading his copy of the BBC’s application for an ASBO, the PM asked ‘how many other western leaders have to put up with this sort of thing – a man, talking very loudly, insulting you, outside your own front door. ‘Does Barack Obama have to put up with this? Will Monsieur La-di-da Hollande have to put up with this at the Elysee? I think not.’

Mr Cameron is considering moving the seat of government to his country residence, Chequers, with security guards and dogs and acres of land to tramp across to get a decent news picture, so the likes of Nick Robinson will have to work a lot harder to keep him awake at night.

‘Until then, and let me make this clear, I’m perfectly happy in this great democracy for reporters to say what they like about me and as Prime Minister I’ll have to take it on the chin. But while I’m still in Downing Street, if he does it again, I’ll be ready. The ASBO says I can no longer throw buckets of wee at him. It doesn’t say anything about huge lumps of poo.’


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