Government hails success of new scheme to get Prince Charles into work

An experimental new scheme to try and get some Prince Charles into useful employment has got off to an excellent start, claims David Cameron, after he successfully completed his first day’s placement at the Met Office.

The initiative saw Charles try his hand at a spot of weather forecasting as reward for for completing all his filing on time, before taking out the bins and then being allowed home 15 minutes early.

‘I’m told he showed willing and wasn’t afraid to ask lots of questions.’ said Cameron. ‘In fact, his first two hours there were apparently entirely taken up asking every single person he met ‘So what is it you do then?’.’

‘I’m just glad it went well as we tried something similar with the Liberal Democrats a while back and that’s been something of a rolling disaster.’

‘After he’s completed his week there, we may try and get him some work experience in the House of Lords. After all, he is renowned for being adept at talking to vegetation.’

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