‘Women hate me because my poo doesn’t stink’, says Daily Mail’s Samantha Brick

Mail columnist and self-professed beauty Samantha Brick has again lashed out at the jealous, vitriolic machinations of her fellow ‘sisters’ in a new article for the paper.

‘I’m one of those lucky women who can take a dump on their own doorstep without leaving a nasty smell. And for that, other women hate me’ she declared ‘It must be that extra X chromosome that makes them so bitter.’

Brick decided to open her bowels to the Daily Mail and speak out, after being barred from a number of les WC in her region of The Dordogne. ‘I’m gorgeous, sensual and modest too. You would expect people to be happy that my poo has the aroma of chocolate sauce with a soupcon of truffle oil. But no.’

The artcicle ‘Many women stink but French madames are barking merde!’ has outraged thousands of readers. It has also delighted dozens of female columnists on other titles, who previously had ‘no feckin’ idea’ what they were going to write about this week. ‘It’s like having fish in a barrel delivered to your door for free’ enthused Telegraph columnist Suzanne Moore ‘Even Ocado doesn’t do that. Cheers Brickie!’

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