Paul Gambaccini ‘sick to death’ of saying nice things about dead pop singers.

The 63 year old DJ has called time on eulogising over dead pop singers after being wheeled out once too often in recent weeks to say nice things about artists such as Donna Summer, former Booker T bassist Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn and again today, following the demise of Bee Gee Robin Gibb.

In a rant outside broadcasting house he allegedly said, ‘Ever since John Peel died, the press has been hounding me to say deep and meaningful things about recently expired musicians. I’m bloody sick of it. I hated the Bee Gees, with their pansy falsetto voices and their big hair and their multi-million pound royalties from their 40 year back catalogue. Donna Summer? Fine in the 80’s but she couldn’t get arrested nowadays. Booker F*cking T? WHO??? F*ck ’em all. They don’t need me to big ’em up now they’re dead’.’

Mr Gambaccini’s agent apologised for his client’s apparent outburst. He also added that further reports of Mr Gambaccini paying glowing tribute to the late Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, as ‘a major figure in international terrorism second only to Jedward in his record of crimes against humanity’ could be attributed to confusion and stress brought on by his client’s intense recent workload in this area.

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