ASBOs to be scrapped to stop them being sold on Ebay

Home Secretary Teresa May has announced that ASBOs will be phased out in response to public criticism that recipients are selling them on Ebay.

‘Being nominated for an ASBO should be seen as an honour’ she explained. ‘Not everyone gets to receive an ASBO. It takes years of dedication and hard work to make your neighbours’ lives a complete and utter misery, and it saddens me to hear that, rather than being seen as a badge of honour, ASBO teens are just selling them to the highest bidder.’

However, others have defended sellers, arguing that as they were the ones that put in the hard work in the first place it’s up to them to do whatever they want to with their accolade. ‘If they can make a few thousand pounds from it, fair play to them’ said anti-social behaviour victim Terry Bayliss. ‘I’m sure they’ll share their profits around the community. Well, the drug dealing community anyway. And if they get well and truly off their heads they won’t be nicking stuff for a couple of weeks at least.’

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