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Brits have a negative body image ‘because they’re fat bastards’, research finds

More than half the British population suffers from a negative body image, an inquiry by MPs has heard. The inquiry also found that half the British population are fat bastards.

‘The conjunction of a large body size and a full-length mirror can often lead to the perception of negative body image,’ the report concludes.

The report, published by the All Party Parliamentary Group on body image, recommends that there should either be compulsory body image lessons in schools, or that ‘pupils should stop stuffing their fat faces with jumbo-size sausage rolls’.

Recommending the use of ‘weight-neutral’ language, the inquiry said it was shocking that the media often referred to fat bastards as ‘obese’.

Eric Pickles MP submitted a minority report.

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Posted: May 30th, 2012 by roybland

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