Spain celebrates €100 billion bailout out with 5 day national holiday

After already hailing yesterday’s €100 billion bank bailout as a ‘victory for Spain’, Spanish Prime Minister Mario Rajoy went a step further and announced a week-long national holiday culminating in a victory parade at the weekend.

An ebullient Rajoy deflected criticism that perhaps declaring a national holiday might upset Spain’s creditors. ‘Although we have won the World Cup we have never cracked anything really big like a World War. It’s like winning Euromillions loads and loads of times – and who turns up to work after winning the lottery?’

Spanish workers were predictably excited by the announcement with office worker Manuel Cerra, 32, from Madrid, declaring ‘wonderful news!’ after awakening from his siesta. ‘Don’t tell Senorita Merkel!’ quipped Juan Arroyo Garcia, 46, from Bilbao to an undercover German television reporter.

Details of Saturday’s victory parade have yet to be finalised. ‘We thought of coming up with something really special but in the end couldn’t be arsed,’ said a government spokesman. ‘So we will just stick with the traditional drive around the city with horns blaring until the early hours. And we’ll probably need Monday to sleep it off while we’re at it.’


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