Cashless ATMs unveiled

The Royal Bank of Scotland is set to unveil a range of ATM cash machines that will enable UK customers to give the impression they still have money in their bank accounts.

The new technology, already in use throughout Spain and Greece, will allow people to pretend they still have credit at the bank as they scan the new machines with an imaginary barcode from their smartphone.
RBS said the new system would help their customers overcome the embarrassment of being completely stony broke and give other people the impression they could still afford to buy a small cappuccino at Starbucks.

‘At present customers can pretend to be withdrawing £100 pounds at a time from the new machine,’ said Greg Black, head of mobile at RBS. ‘But if the idea proves successful we hope to expand the service so that people can pretend to withdraw even more money they haven’t got.

‘In future, we at RBS hope to give our customers at least two really good reasons why they can leave their wallet at home.’
But some RBS customers say they are not comfortable with the new technology.

‘It sounds good on paper,’ said Ewan Brown, an RBS customer from Exeter, ‘but what’s to prevent thieves from pretending to steal your money. I don’t think they’ve really thought this one through.
Mind you, at least I can still make my usual monthly donation to charity using this new technology.’


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