Leveson Inquiry faces axe amid dwindling viewing figures

Latest reports are claiming that the Leveson inquiry will not be returning to our screens for a second season as viewing figures continue to fall. The show launched in the latter stages of 2011 amidst a blaze of publicity but has failed to capture the imaginations of the British public, consistently being outperformed by Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women, and now looks set to be pulled after just one series.

‘The BBC News channel has been struggling for some time to compete with the likes of ITV1 and Challenge TV in the daytime market.’ said Mark Thompson of TV Times, ‘The Leveson inquiry was supposed to be their flagship show, to reinvigorate the channel and bring in new viewers, but they haven’t really done enough to keep the format fresh, they’ve had some thoroughly unlikeable characters and it’s all gone rather stale.’

Bosses at the BBC have not confirmed rumours of the show’s demise, but the news has not come as a surprise to some fans from its early days, who have criticised recent storylines as being ‘too far-fetched’.

‘It was good to start with and I thought we might see Murdoch hit with another pie or something, but it really tailed off and got a bit dull. And the whole ‘mass amnesia’ storyline is even more ridiculous than some of what they came up with in the later series of Lost.’ complained Terry Watkins, an avid viewer, ‘TV shows have had memory-loss storylines before and they can be really good if they’re done well, but this just felt a bit amateurish.’

Mr Watkins feels that the downfall has been partly due to poor casting, pointing to the central Leveson character’s lack of menace and claiming that somebody ‘scarier’ would have been better for the role.

‘I think one of the Dragons from Dragon’s Den would have been a better fit, or even Jeremy Paxman You know, somebody who could unsettle people a bit more. Some of the roles were spot on though; Tony Blair’s portrayal of a war criminal desperately trying to evade the law was brilliant, right down to the haunted look in his eyes that hints at the demons of his past.’ continued Watkins, ‘But whoever was responsible for the decision to cast Nick Clegg as deputy Prime Minister needs their head examining.’

‘If they are going to finish it I hope that something spectacular happens, a train crashing into the building like in Coronation Street or something. I’d hate to see it end with David Cameron waking up to find it’s all just been a bad dream.’

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