Court rules Police must count to a hundred before going after Assange

The High Court has ruled that proper diplomatic procedure must be followed before the police are allowed to go looking for Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean Embassy.

Chief Justice Thompson said ‘The rules are very clear: Julian Assange has a right to try and conceal himself in the embassy grounds – although the airing cupboard is out of bounds – and the police must observe the internationally recognised counting to 100. And it’s got to be proper counting too, like ‘one mississippi, two mississippi’  followed by a loud ‘coming, ready or not, cobber!’

Observers say failure to observe the protocols could result in Assange having grounds to complain in a high-pitched whiney voice that the game was ‘not fair,’ which could lead to a legal battle and costly re-match.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police declared that they ‘don’t like this game anyway’ and would prefer to simply chase after Assange and ‘tag’ him with a Heckler & Koch MP5 Machine Gun.


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