Thousands in critical condition after ‘day of inaction’ from homeopathic doctors

Hospitals around the country are close to meltdown as they struggle to deal with a one day strike by homeopathic doctors. NHS frontline services were stretched to breaking point as they struggled to cope with a sudden influx of imbalanced chakras and bad chi.

Homeopaths are angry at changes to their pension schemes which mean their final pots will be diluted to one trillion, trillionth of their original state, despite Government assurances that each would ‘somehow retain its own inherent value.’

One patient from Salisbury collapsed and was rushed to A & E, after being told her bergamot and pulsatilla tincture would not be available for another 24 hours.

Colin Thornbury, the spokesman for DILUTE, the official union for accredited homeopaths, today revealed that their members planned  to ramp up the protest, with a full ‘minute of inaction’ planned for July.


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