Condemnation for Olympic Cockney cull

Plans to cull up to 5,000 Cockneys in advance of the London Olympics have been condemned.

The plans involve sending vans around the East End to capture and humanely destroy the unwanted Pearly Kings and Queens in the weeks before the opening ceremony.

Although the number of Cockneys in the wild has dwindled in recent years, the East End still has sizeable breeding groups as no culls have been authorised in London since the1980s when Norman Tebbit travelled around the East End dispatching them with Thatcher’s personal crossbow.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is said to be furious that the Games could be ‘overshadowed by a bunch of proto-chavs who speak in riddles’.

‘I’ve had a butcher’s at Lord Coe’s proposal,’ he said,  ‘and completely agree with his plan for ensuring these Richards end up as brown bread.’

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