Fears that Prayer Super Collider may usher in Apocalypse

Theologians are warning that the imminent collision of two prayers, each from a major world faith, may result in the end of the world.

But creation scientists have dismissed the claim as ‘superstitious nonsense’.

The prayers are to be fired in opposite directions at enormous speeds through the 12 kilometre Prayer Super Collider ring buried deep below Salt Lake City, Utah, in the most ambitious theological experiment since the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury met head-on in the Large Hadron Collider.

The collider consists of thousands of gallons of superheated holy water in pipes funnelling the prayers and concentrating their divinity into a singularity before smashing them in a head-on collision.

‘It’ll be a divine moment,’ said a collider spokeswoman. ‘As good as the creation of the Universe 6000 years ago.’

‘It’s a dangerous experiment,’ said a concerned resident of Salt Lake City. ‘It could set off an unstoppable rosary bead chain reaction.’

And the director of the research team admitted there were dangers. ‘We’ll just have to close our eyes and hope for the best,’ he said.

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