Queen and Martin McGuinness handshake destined for Sistine Chapel 

Yesterday’s historic handshake between the Queen and former IRA leader Martin McGuinness at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast, is to be depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel alongside Michelangelo’s Hands of God from the Creation of Adam fresco.

Some art historians are predicting that the iconic Michelangelo image will soon be eclipsed by the Queen-McGuinness handshake.

‘It stands to reason,’ said historian Roger de Mountjoy. ‘The Queen and McGuinness did a proper handshake – twice – while Michelangelo’s Hands of God are just fingers that don’t even touch.’

But whether the Queen and Mr McGuinness would be prepared to shake hands for a third time for the painting – with a genuflecting and naked McGuinness – is in some doubt.

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