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Indian mystic abandons Lego walk challenge

An Indian mystic who regularly walks across red hot coals and broken glass has abandoned an attempt to walk across an 11ft pit of Lego.

‘I’ve  thought hard about this challenge,’ he said, ‘and realised that walking across Lego is dangerous and painful.’

David Blaine, who is also preparing to walk across a 6ft pit of Lego, claims the smaller pit is psychologically easier but the threat of serious injury remains, ‘as anyone who has stood on an upright 2×4 brick will tell you’?

Recently the US army has used ‘Legowalking’ as a replacement for waterboarding. But ten-year-old George Bulmer, a dedicated Lego user, said he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about

‘It’s cool walking on Lego,’ he said, ‘but Mum does scream a lot when she does it.

George sleeps on a bed of Lego bricks.

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Posted: Jun 29th, 2012 by simonjmr

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