Racists face pub choice nightmare amidst Eurojubilympics bunting mayhem

Racists up and down the country are wasting valuable drinking time, wandering in and out of multi-racial pubs, confused by the mainstream use of patriotic bunting in Britain’s high streets, says a recent report.

Carshalton painter and decorator, Tony Emery, who dislikes non-whites, lamented a futile 30 minute drive around neighbouring Mitcham in search of a bar in which he could be flagrantly racist. “The flags usually keep the darkies away, but the first place I went into was like a fucking Benetton advert. All sorts in there. I didn’t think Muslims were allowed in pubs.”

The skin-headed, muscular Emery eventually decided to abandon his plans for an afternoon of jingoistic bigotry to go cruising around Soho “where the flags don’t lie”.


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Posted: Jul 5th, 2012 by

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