Schoolchildren to be taught ‘to count up to 18′

Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced the next stage of his radical overhaul of British schooling by unveiling plans to teach children all the numbers up to 18.

Parents will be expected to ensure their children can count as far as 5 before they start school. Pupils will then learn a new number each year, reaching 11 by the end of primary school. Once in secondary education, maths teachers will lead their students on a path of discovery as they master the remaining curriculum numbers from 12 to 18. Students with special aptitude and considered capable of grasping numbers bigger than 18 will be encouraged to take out huge loans to go to university.

‘Let’s not pretend this is going to be easy,’ said an Education Department spokesman. ‘Numeracy is a rare skill in today’s society, just look at George Osborne.’


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