Oil rigs targeted in dawn DVD copyright infringement raids

It is a message familiar to anyone who has bought or rented a DVD. Among places where infringements of copyright are common, oil rigs feature prominently – and with good cause. It’s understood movie distributors are losing millions in oil rig screening revenue, where rather than visiting local cinemas or watching individual copies of Ratatouille on their laptops, workers are secretly organising what amount to offshore public screenings.

Movie fans in their hundreds have been known to train for, then secure drilling work on, oil rigs simply in order to flout intellectual property laws and indulge their passion at a significant discount, which is why crack teams of SAS-trained copyright enforcers took part in simultaneous seaborne operations, swooping on seventeen rigs in the North Sea.

Footage from the raids will feature in a documentary called ‘Ninja Infringement Enforcers’, available on DVD next year. And may God help any colleges of further education who plan to screen it publicly, unless they have the express written permission of copyright holders.

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