Number of bishops who want to become women grows

According to a new survey as many as 50 bishops, including titular bishops, have expressed an interest in becoming women.

Despite the apparent softening of the men’s stance, many women’s groups oppose the idea. ‘We have already seen what happens when we allow ordinary vicars to become women by surgery,’ Women’s Institute chair Mary Frances told the popular Radio programme Bishops’ Hour. ‘It just hasn’t worked.  I for one abhor this trend of sex change vicars referring to their “bitch collar”. If God had wanted Bishops to become women, he would have re-designed their vestments and hats.’

One Bishop who preferred not to be named, the Bishop of Salchester in Dorset, said: ‘It’s time for women to grow up and allow Bishops like me into their ranks. Bishops have equal rights. I would just feel more comfortable as a woman, despite the damage this will do to my bishopric.’

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