Taxi ‘only 5-10 minutes away’, minicab firm tells Antarctic explorers

Renowned explorers Dean and Jonny Monkton have roundly condemned the minicab company A-Z Cars for a ‘downright inconvenient’ delay in picking them up from their Antarctic encampment.

The brothers had initially called the Luton-based firm, whilst 200 miles shy of the Pole of Inaccessibility – their planned destination – after bitter seasonal blizzards picked up. ‘I found their card in my backpack whilst searching for any last scraps of food’ recounted Dean, ‘The man seemed happy to take the job and told me that a cab would be with us in ‘five or ten minutes’.’

Fifty whole minutes passed before the silver Fiesta finally pulled up at the Monktons’ tent. ‘The driver muttered something about one-way systems in Santiago. At the time, we were just glad to be alive. But looking back, it was less than ideal; they were just too keen to take our business. I wish they would come clean and admit it if they’re a bit busy.’

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