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Elite athlete thanks Darwin for ‘gift’ of athletic prowess

Olympic hopeful Mark Jones has dedicated his natural athletic ability to Charles Darwin, after setting a new world record for the 400 metre hurdles.

Interviewed after the race Jones said a few short words to Darwin, who has recently become a part of his life and filled his heart with the wonders of evolution.

‘I would like to thank Darwin, and my parents for being sexually attracted to each other’, said Mark. ‘Without continual selective and subtle gene mutations, who knows where I might have ended up?’

Jones also thanked his ancestors, who had the foresight to breed with long-legged people with large lung capacities. The hurdler has vowed to spread the word of Darwin, and hopes that one day, ‘On the Origin of the Species’ will be available in every school in the country.

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Posted: Jul 23rd, 2012 by Guest

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