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Dog walking to feature as demonstration sport at London Olympics

After pressure from LOCOG and the Kennel Club, the Olympic committee has agreed to allow Dog Walking as a demonstration sport at London 2012.

‘We are naturally delighted’ said Dog team Chief Coach Tom Simkins, ‘but we’re astonished at the number of events included in the trial’. These include the 1500m Hurried Early Morning Stroll, the Poo Retrieval Unclean Jerk and the 100m Arse Wipe Across the Hall Carpet.

Dog Walking will be the first sport seen by visitors to London, the display coinciding with a stroll around the artificial countryside created for the opening ceremony. Organisers hope the demonstration will finish before nightfall, when a demonstration of Drug-dealing and Synchronised Cottaging is expected to take over the mound.

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Posted: Jul 25th, 2012 by Al OPecia

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