Tom Daly forced to compete in his pants after forgetting kit yet again

British diving hopeful Tom Daly has been forced to compete in a warm-up event wearing only his pants, after forgetting his kit for the 138th consecutive time.

‘I’m really disappointed with Tom. He keeps promising me that he knows where his kit is and will bring it next time, but then he turns up trunkless time and again, and is forced to compete in his pants,’ complained Daly’s manager. ‘Sports scientists haven’t worked tirelessly to create a state-of-the-art, high-performance all-in-one advertising space, just for him to leave it behind on the bus.’

Some people are starting to suspect that Daly may be deliberately forgetting his kit so that he gets to walk around wearing only his pants as often as possible, but the young athlete insists it’s not his fault.

‘I went to see a doctor the other day and he told me I may have ‘Tom Daly Syndrome’. Apparently it’s a rare genetic condition that causes me to want to wear only my pants when I compete, pose for photos or even give interviews,’ explained an emotional Daly, in a grubby pair of grundies he’d been given from lost property.

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