Olympics Q&A with Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman

With the Olympics finally getting underway after months of anticipation, Shadow Deputy Prime Minister, Harriet Harman, explains what is exciting her about London 2012:

Q: After years of preparation and planning the Olympics are finally upon us. Tell us a little bit about the events and the athletes you are most looking forward to seeing.

A: The latest GDP figures show that the Government has got it wrong again on the economy. We in the Labour party have said from the beginning that they were embarking on an economic policy that was doomed to fail. We warned that they were cutting too far, too fast and yet they pressed ahead. What we are seeing now is massive public discontent with the numerous strikes, a disconnect between the Government and the man in the street, and yet more bad news regarding the nation’s financial outlook.

Q: Brits have had cause to celebrate a great sporting success already recently with Bradley Wiggins’ historic victory in the Tour de France. Do you think it’s possible that his achievement will put additional pressure on Team GB’s cyclists to bring home gold?

A: It’s plain to see from the way that the Government are handling their dealings with trade unions that they are completely out of touch with the voters. They simply do not see the way the decisions they are taking are affecting people, and they need to wake up and realise that it is the bankers that got us into this mess, and it should be the bankers who pay to get us out. They shouldn’t be endlessly punishing the working man.

Q: Ok, it appears you aren’t really interested in discussing the Olympics so we’ll move on. Before we do would you like to just say a quick word about how Labour would have handled the economy differently, and what you would have done to improve the state of the nation’s finances?

A: Like everybody I can’t wait to see the 100m. If Usain Bolt is fully fit then we could see him break his own world record and make history once again. If he isn’t then it opens it right up to the likes of Tyson Gay and Yohan Blake, so either way it should be a thrilling contest.

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